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Terms and Conditions

1. General terms and conditions of sale

1.1 The offer and sale of products on our website (the Website from now on) is ruled by the following General Conditions of Sale (the Conditions from now on), which apply to any subject visiting or making a purchase on the Website, to shop the Patrizia Corvaglia online jewelry.

The online shop Patrizia Corvaglia Gioielli, owned by ANDA 2004 srl legally and administratively based in Rome, Via James Joyce 44, share capital Euro 10.000, VAT Number IT07781381004, makes available to all users the possibility to purchase via the Internet the Patrizia Corvaglia products on the website


1.2 The offer and sale of products on our website are regulated by the Consumer Code (D. Lgs. n. 206/2005 e s.m.i.) and by the rules concerning e-commerce (D. Lgs. n. 70/2003 e s.m.i.) and only apply to the web distance sale of the products shown on the Patrizia Corvaglia website, which apply to any person who visits or makes a purchase on the aforementioned Website.


1.3 The Conditions of Sale can be modified, notwithstanding that the appliable Conditions are those standing at the moment of perfection of the order by the Customer.


1.4 The access and usage of this Site, as well as the purchase of products imply the reading, knowledge and acceptance of these General Conditions of Sale.


1.5 The products purchased on this Website are sold by ANDA 2004 s.r.l. VAT Number IT07781381004, Via James Joyce, 44 -00144, Roma, with the Patrizia Corvaglia brand.


1.6 Anyone browsing the Website is the sole and only subject responsible for the usage of the Website and its contents. The visualization of the Website, the purchase of our products and the possibility to acquire information on them are an activity each user executes for personal and not commercial use.


1.7 Each user is the only one responsible in case the information and data provided by them result fake, incorrect or regarding other subjects, who have not explicitly given their consent.


1.8 The seller, therefore, is not responsible for any damage to the user caused by browsing the Website and using the sensitive data provided by he user, who accepts all related risk.


1.9 The user is responsible of the custody and correct usage of their own personal information provided by themselves, including the credentials allowing to access reserved services, as well as of any damaging consequence or prejudice that should arise to the Seller or other people because of incorrect usage, loss, subtraction of such information.

2. Order

2.1 The purchase order must be made online via the specific module available on the Website.

  • In case the Customer is already registered on the Website it will suffice to enter their access credentials (username and password). Else, the Customer will have to make a guided registration completing the order. Addresses can be modified. Delivery address can be different from billing address.

Note: the VAT code of the customer must match the credentials submitted for invoicing.

  • Patrizia Corvaglia, and Anda 2004 srl on her behalf, reserve the right to reject any order made by a customer with an ongoing legal proceeding for payment of a previous order, and/or not compliant to these conditions of sale and delivery.


2.2 The Seller reserves the right not to accept purchase orders:

  • Incoming from countries outside the European Community;
  • With delivery address lacking a name, in hotels or P.O. boxes;
  • In case it is not possible to contact the user who made the order;
  • In case of doubt about the realty of the order.

2.3 After the making of the order, the seller will send to the customer an email confirming the order itself, afterwards the seller, still by email, will inform the customer about methods and times for shipping the products.

3. Pricing

3.1 Prices shown on the Website are in Euros, Italian taxes included (European VAT and other taxes appliable). Packaging, handling and shipping fees are included in the final ice.


3.2 No duty is levied for deliveries within the European Union, unless of changes to the current regulations; outside the European Union, duties are on the customer’s behalf.


3.3 The Seller reserves the right to modify prices at any time. Products already ordered will be invoiced based on the price applied at the time of the reception of the order, i.e. products are applied the price shown on the website at the time of the order, disregarding eventual previous offers.

  • Prices shown on the Website could be wrong because of system errors, despite a constant effort to avoid this kind of errors. In case it should happen, the Customer will be contacted by email to delete the order or to communicate instructions on how to regulate the price difference. We apologize in advance for eventual inconveniences in such matter.
  • Shipping costs are adequately detailed in the Purchase Order.
  • Eventual additional warehouse costs due to missed delivery and collection by the Customer are on the Customer’s behalf.

4. Legal Warranty

The legal warranty on the products supplied has a duration of 24 months from the product delivery date. The conformity fault covered by the warranty exposed within such term must be signaled by the customer within 2 months from its discovery.


4.1 Jewelry products are made in bronze, brass or silver, using stones, enamels and leathers, as shown in their files. Their production is the result of an artisanal process, through an entirely manual work which ensures their authenticity.

Eventual imperfections or alterations express the quality and unicity of each item. All jewels made are nickel free.


4.2 All products are covered by the legal warranty of conformity for two years.


4.3 defective products returned by the customer during the two years of warranty will be replaced or repaired by the Seller, as any form of refund or compensation is explicitly excluded.


4.4 The warranty is valid when the following conditions apply:


  • The customer has communicated, within 60 days from the reception of the product, as stated by law, by email to the Seller the return of the defective products, also specifying the type of defect found.
  • it is not considered a defect, and thus there will not be covered by warranty, a damage due to an unusual or uncompliant usage, an accident or an external cause (as the intervention on the product by unauthorized personnel);
  • moreover, it is not considered a defect any modification of the product due to usage or normal ageing.

4.5 Shipping and product return costs remain at entire charge of the customer.


4.6 The Seller declines any responsibility in case the delivered products do not comply to the law of the extra EU country where they are eventually delivered. The seller considers binding the compliance to the EU law, even in case of international sale.


4.7 the Seller obliges to provide all the care compliant to this profession to guarantee the service offered to the customer. However, the seller is in no way responsible of the incompliance to the contract obligation for fortuitus cases or force majeure in exceptional cases of natural phenomena, according to the Italian law, in this case the Seller will care to contact the Customer to organize a negotiation, but is in no way responsible. Moreover, the Seller is in no way responsible for eventual unsubstantial incongruences claimed by the Customer between the Website product presentation pictures, text, pictures and ordered products.


4.8 The seller is in no case liable for malfunctioning of the web platform or negligent use of the web platform by the customer, and for eventual damages or negative consequences in the final usage of the product sold, for benefit losses, commercial losses, information losses, lost profits or any other indirect or unforeseeable damage at the time of Website usage or he finalizing of the sales contract with the Customer.

5. Payment

Patrizia Corvaglia offers the following secure payment options:

  1. Paypal
  2. Credit Card
  3. Upfront bank transfer. Only available in Italy. IBAN: IT18R0306903201100000071328 Banca Intesa San Paolo 
  4. Payment on delivery

The payment on delivery service is by all means a purchase order and is explicitly granted to the customer only and exclusively for deliveries in Italy.

Compliantly to the art. 5 D.Lgs 185/1999, the exercise of the right of withdrawal from the contract is possible within 14 days from the reception of the purchased goods. To have this right granted, it is required to collect the goods and return it in a second time according to the instructions. Do not reject the goods on delivery.

The courier only accepts cash payments.

6. Title Retention

Purchased products remain property of the Seller until delivered to the shipper.

7. Availability and delivery of products

Patrizia Corvaglia entrusts the delivery to specialized transporters and goods are shipped within 48 hours from order date, accordingly to the warehouse stock, else the customer will be contacted to agree upon a delivery date.

For international deliveries, delivery times can be longer and delivery costs more expensive (depending from the country specified), and this appears when compiling the purchase form.

In case of missed delivery and/or impossibility to deliver within two attempts at the address specified by the client at the time of purchase, the ordered goods will be shipped back to the Patrizia Corvaglia warehouses. Patrizia Corvaglia will retain the sum matching the cost of deposit in the transporter warehouse as well as the cost of delivering the goods to their own warehouses.


7.1 Purchased products will be delivered to the address specified in the order, together with the related invoice, within 15 days from the sending of the order confirmation as previously described, or, in case of a product only available on demand, It will be delivered in the different times specifically stated in the order confirmation.


7.2 in case of payment by bank transfer, delivery times will elapse from the time of reception of the funds.


7.3 If, despite the order acceptance, a product would not be available or could not be delivered, the Seller will promptly alert the customer by email and the order will be cancelled. In such case, the customer will only have the right to the refund of the price paid, as any other form of compensation is explicitly excluded.


7.4 Limitations of liability

In case of tampering of the package delivered by the transporter, the Customer is required to specify their reserve on the package receival receipt. In case the Customer accepts the parcel without reserve, Patrizia Corvaglia and the transporter are exempt from any liability for eventual damages or missing items. No liability can be levied to Patrizia Corvaglia for eventual delays on service times, order shipment or delivery, in case they are caused by circumstances not dependant from their will.

8. Customer Care

Any information can be requested by our customer care services writing to the email address or calling the number +39 3398743367.

9. Right of withdrawal

9.1 Purchases finalized on the Website are regulated by the Decreto Legislativo 185, May 22, 1999. The customer can withdraw from the contract by written communication by return receipt registered mail, to be sent to Patrizia Corvaglia, via dei Banchi Nuovi 45 , 00186 Roma, Italy, within 14 working days since the reception of the products. The communication can also be delivered by emailing the address , with the requirement to be confirmed by return receipt registered mail within the following 48 hours.

In all cases, we recommend the customer to contact us at the number +39 3398743367 to ease the refund procedure, which will be completed by bank transfer or postal order after the reception of the return, which will be required to be in the same conditions of the original shipment.


9.2 Shipping charges will be on behalf of the customer.


9.3 The right of withdrawal – besides the respect of the terms and modes described in the following points – is intended as correctly exercised only in case all of the following conditions are entirely respected:

  • products have not been used, altered and/or damaged;
  • products have to be returned in their original package, together with their invoice.

(with no sign of wear, abrasion, scratch, scrape, deformation etc.), all tags and labels are unaltered and still attached to the product, the product has to be returned in its original package in the same way it has been received.


9.4 In case the products for which the right of withdrawal has been exercised should result damaged or their value has diminished due to the usage that has been done, the Seller reserves the right to deny the right or withdrawal, or to charge a sum to the customer as a liability.

The cost of return is on the customer’s behalf. In case of damaging of the returned goods during transportation, Patrizia Corvaglia will notify the customer within 14 working days in order to allow them to sue the transporter and obtain a refund for the item value, if insured; in this case, the product will be made available to the client for return and at the same time their withdrawal request will be cancelled.

Furthermore, Patrizia Corvaglia is not liable for damage, theft and loss of the products returned with uninsured shipments.

10. Refund times and methods in case of exercise of the right of withdrawal

10.1 After the return of the products, the Seller will check the products have not been damaged or tampered. In case the verification is positive, the Seller will send the Customer, by email, the according confirmation of acceptance of the returned products.


10.2 The price refund will be made by the Seller as soon as possible, and anyway within 14 days from the date of acceptance confirmation of the returned products, by Paypal or bank transfer. In case of products returned after 60 days, the refund will be equal to 50%.


10.3 In case the delivery recipient stated in the order module and the author of the payment for their purchase should differ, in case of exercise of the right of withdrawal the money refund will be due to the author of the payment.

11. Website Access and Property

11.1 The Seller grants the access to the Website and its use by the Customer exclusively for the personal use of the Client themselves.


11.2 The contents of the Website are protected by authorial right and every other industrial and intellectual property right of the Seller and the other right owners. The brand Patrizia Corvaglia Gioielli, the logo and the domain are registered.


11.3 The Customer is never authorized to download, reproduce, copy, sell, exploit or modify a part or the entirety of the products shown on the Website (specifically the listed products, descriptions, prices, download or copy information, use data, programs, sound contents, graphics, pictures, texts, photographs, tools) without a written and explicit authorization from the Seller.


11.4 the Website may contain links to other Internet websites. Such websites are in no case under the control of the Seller, who is not liable for the correctness, for the respect of intellectual property rights, for the legality, for the decency or any other aspect of the content of such websites.

12. Personal data protection

12.1 The seller obliges to protect the customer’s personal data. All personal data regarding the customer and collected by the Seller will be treated in a strictly confidential way, accordingly to the current privacy law regulations.



12.2. The customer personal data collected by the Seller, starting from the products chosen by the customer, have the only purpose of satisfying the order made by the client themselves in the best possible conditions and are needed to present the customer adequate offers.


12.3 The customer personal data are never loaned, transferred or sold to third parts for reasons different from the satisfaction of the customer order.


12.4 The customer has the right to access and edit the entirety of their personal information through the secure management interface of their personal account.


12.5 The non-personal data collected by the Seller, starting from the user navigation on the Website, are used to improve the service presented to the customers, especially website ergonomics, presented products and customer care.


Customer data are treated by Patrizia Corvaglia, and on her behalf by ANDA 2004 srl, compliantly with what stated from the personal data protection ruling, a specified in the information document provided in the section “Informativa ai sensi dell’art. 13 del D.Lgs. 30/06/2003”.

13. Applicable law and dispute resolution

The present Conditions are regulated by Italian law and whatever controversy should arise related to the usage of the Website and/or the purchase of products will be forwarded to the exclusive competence of the Court of Rome.

Jewel care

It is not recommended to wear jewels while sleeping, swimming or practicing sports. Also avoid the contact with perfume and makeup.
Burnishing patinas fade over time. Fading speed depends from jewel care. Patina loss is a normal, wear-dependent phenomenon.

To clean your bronze and silver jewels you can use water and soap, softly, and then follow with an accurate drying.


For all jewels

Store your jewels separately.

For jewels with stones

Take care protecting stones from bumps and scratches.


Metals can be considered “alive” for their characteristic of changing accordingly to their living condition. They can lose their natural shine or oxidize, for several reasons, such as damp weather or contact with our skin’s pH, or for the usage of creams and perfumes: these substances can alter metals at times and could also cause a green halo on skin. Such reaction is not toxic and can be easily removed with water and soap. Skin pH is very subjective, so the same jewel can create this kind of reaction differently from person to person. If it is your case, contact us and we will find a solution together.

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