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Silvia and the tuberose jewels

Silvia and the tuberose jewels

A brave woman, a cause to fight for: the tuberose jewels collection is born to support tuberous sclerosis research.

The Inspiration

The courage of Silvia, who blossoms like a flower despite her illness.


Silvia is a very special client. More than a client, she’s a friend. We’ve known each other for years, because our children used to attend the same school. Together, we rejoiced in good times and sustained each other during the hardest challenges. One of all, the illness. Silvia’s life is marked by the presence of tuberous sclerosis, a rare illness which she’s been facing for many years with braveness, positivity and resilience.

Her commitment in favor of research moves me, and I feel the need to contribute to the cause to raise funds. Therefore, I decide to create a collection of jewels inspired by her fight. Thus, I find that the “tuberose” (Unlike in English, the Italian name of the illness is spelled like that of the flower) is a delicate and very perfumed flower, which has the same beauty and strength of my friend. It’s the perfect subject for this project.

The Making

A collection of metal jewels shaped like the tuberose flower.


I design and sketch a series of precious microsculptures, following the theme of the tuberose flower. I lose myself drawing petals, stems and lines which intertwine and overlap – the collection comes to life. I start molding wax to create rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces, then I melt bronze and silver, the two metals I’ve decided to use for this collection.

The final result is simple and elegant. The tuberose flower turned into jewelry has a unique fit and is extraordinarily versatile. These characteristics make these pieces suitable to be worn in many occasions and at any age. The theme of nature which blooms and renews itself every spring symbolizes the strength of Silvia and of all the people who, like her, face illness with courage.

The Emotion

A collection of metal jewels shaped like the tuberose flower.

The collection dedicated to the tuberous sclerosis cause will be auctioned during a fundraising event organized by Silvia’s association. This gift has made my friend very happy and I couldn’t be prouder, because I know she put the jewels to good use.

This has been only the first of many occasions where I’ve had the possibility to offer my works in support of beneficial projects I care about and for which I want to do more. I like to think that these little flower jewels still give positive emotions to the people who bought them, choosing to support the tuberous sclerosis cause and help exceptional people like Silvia.

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