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INFORMATION ON PERSONAL DATA HANDLING of users consulting this website according to article 13 of EU Ruling 2016/679


According to the EU Ruing 2016/679 (“Ruling” from now on), this page describes the personal data handling procedure for users consulting the following websites accessible telematically at the following addresses:

[inserire elenco siti web]

The following information do not concern other websites, pages or online services reachable by hypertextual links eventually published in the websites but referable to resources external to the given domains.


By consulting the aforementioned websites, data regarding identified or identifiable persons can be handled.

Handling Holder is Patrizia Corvaglia Gioielli, a brand owned by ANDA 2004 srl
Street Address: Via James Joyce 44, Roma
VAT: IT07781381004


The personal data listed in this page are handled by the Holder in executing the services provided by the website and subsequently, if required by the website itself, from contract or law obligations.

In the case of specific subscriptions to newsletter or marketing services, they will be handled by specific info sections.


Navigation data
Information systems and software procedures organic to running this website acquire, during their ordinary duty, some personal data of which transmission is implicit in internet communication protocols.

This data category is comprised of IP addresses, computer and terminal domain names used by users, URI/URL (Uniform Resource Identifier/Locator) addresses of the required resources, time and date of requests, the method used to submit the request to the server, the size of the response file, the numeric code showing the state of the server response (succeeded, error, etc.) and other parameters regarding user operative system and information environment.

These data, necessary for the fruition of the web services, are also treated with the purpose of:

  • a) obtaining statistic information on service usage (most visited pages, number of visitors for hourly or daily time zone, geographic area of provenance, etc.)
  • b) checking the correct functioning of the provided services.

Navigation data do not persist for more than seven days and are deleted immediately after their aggregation (except for eventual request from the Judicial Authority in order to investigate a felony).

User communicated data
The optional, explicit and volunteer delivery of messages to the Holder’s contact addresses, as well as the filling and forwarding of the modules present on the website, cause the acquisition of the sender contact data, needed to reply, as well as all the personal data included in the communication.

Specific information details will be published on the Holder’s website pages set to deliver specific services.

Cookies and other tracking systems
The websites use cookies for third party profiling as better specified in the dedicated cookie information document.


Non-persistent session cookies are used in the strictly needed way for the safe and efficient navigation of the websites. The saving of session cookies in terminals or browsers is under user control, where on servers, at the end of HTTP sessions, cookie related information stay recorded in the service log, with conservation times however not longer than seven days as well as other navigation data.


Recipients of the gathered data following the consulting of the aforementioned websites are the following subjects, appointed by the Holder according to article 28 of the Ruling, as responsible of the treatment. The full list of Responsible subjects is available at the Holder’s address and can be requested by email.

Gathered personal data are also treated by the treatment deputed personnel, who act based on specific instructions provided regarding purpose and way of the treatment itself.


Except for what specified regarding navigation data, users are free to provide the personal data specified in the request modules present on the websites or however specified in contacts with the structures to solicit the delivery of newsletters, information material or other communication.

The absence of their providing can cause the impossibility to obtain what requested.


Personal data are treated with automatized instruments for the strictly required time to reach the purposes they have been gathered for.

Specific safety measures are enforced to prevent data loss, illicit or incorrect uses and unauthorized accesses.


Personal data are treated with automatized instruments for the strictly required time to reach the purposes they have been gathered for.


Subject rights ex art 15 UE 2016/679

Subjects personal data are referred to have the right to know whether a personal data treatment referred to them is running or not, and, if so, to obtain information regarding:

  • purposes of the treatment
  • appliable data categories
  • recipients or recipient categories to which personal data have been or will be communicated to, especially if recipients of foreign counties o international organizations
  • whenever possible, the expected duration of data storing or, if not possible, the criteria used to determine such period
  • the existence of the right of the subject to request to the treatment holder the correction or deletion of personal data, or the limitation of the personal data treatment regarding them, or to oppose their treatment
  • the right to appeal to a control authority
  • in case the data had not been gathered from the subject, all available information on their origin
  • the existence of an automated decision process, including profiling as in article 22, paragraphs 1 and 4 and, at least in those cases, significant information on the used logic, as well as the relevance and determined consequences of such treatment for the subject.


Requests should be addressed to:

Patrizia Corvaglia Gioielli, a brand owned by ANDA 2004 srl
Street address: Via James Joyce 44, Roma
VAT: IT07781381004


Subjects who claim the personal data treatment regarding them is violating what stated by the Ruling have the right to appeal to the Authority, as stated by the Art. 77 of the Ruling itself, or to act in the according judicial seats (art. 79 of the Ruling)


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