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Phoenix rings

Phoenix rings

Two opposite yet complementary rings, which express the constant rebirth of passions



The Inspiration

Two lovers between the wings of a phoenix.

The story of these two rings begins with an encounter. A young and beautiful couple, wrapped in contagious joy, enters my showroom with a very special request. Two rings, quite different in terms of metals and stones, yet complementary and connected by a deeply meaningful symbol: the phoenix.

The phoenix is the expression of a rebirth from fire; it represents passion, destruction and the harmonic reconstruction of the elements. To create a couple of jewels which could communicate with each other, mutually taking on energy, I took inspiration from the ancient world of alchemy and medieval style.



The Making

Bronze and silver microsculptures, with natural stones and a medieval style.

I begin designing the rings thinking about the two lovers. Their ideas are quite clear: aquamarine for her, ruby for him. Clear and dark colors. Their differences connect them.

The sketch guides me in the making of the two settings – one in golden silver and the other in burnished bronze – which recall the medieval style. Using the lost waxing technique, I incorporate the phoenixes in the two microsculptures. The wings of the phoenixes hold and embrace the two embedded natural stones, beautiful in all their flaws.

The final result is a showstopper: two precious rings, suspended between the old world and the new one, which express the profound love bond of the young couple.



The Emotion

Eyes filled with joy and enthusiasm.

When finished, the couple comes back to collect the two rings. They’re hidden in a small box: I love the first look of my clients when the work of art reveals itself in front of them for the first time. Their happiness is palpable.

They look at each other, then they look at their rings – they speak with their eyes, telling each other all the secrets things, thoughts and memories these two jewels contain. I’m filled with contentment.

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