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Pendant with names

Pendant with names

The joy of a grandfather, who wants to celebrate the birth of his first nephew with a pendant representing the new family


The Inspiration

The first baby is coming.

The joy of the man who enters the showroom is overwhelming and illuminates his eyes – he looks like a little boy. The man will be a grandfather soon, and he is on a special mission: finding a jewel for his daughter to celebrate the birth of her first son Leone. He explains to me his idea: a necklace and a pendant with microsculptures of the names of his daughter, his son-in-law and the baby.

I can’t wait to start working on this jewel and see it realized. The joy of my client is the inspiration I need to create it.


The Making

Many little letters, striped and beaten on a golden pendant.

I sketch the project: a pendant with the names written in small letters placed in bulk on the jewel, as if they were Scrabble tiles. I work on both sides of the pendant: striped letters on one side and beaten letters on the other, to obtain the “chaotic” effect I have in mind.

In reality, the scrambled letters form the names of the family members. The pendant expresses what life is: a huge hubbub which, if you look close enough, always shows the order and meaning of things. Once the wax version of the microsculpture is ready, I melt the gold and proceed with the finishing of the jewel. The pendant is unique, precious and very sweet, like the love of a father for his daughter, who is now a new mom.

The emotion

After Leone, baby Sole is here.

Time goes by, and after two years the grandfather comes back in my workshop with the pendant made to celebrate Leone. There’s a new name to add to the jewel: baby Sole is coming. With the same joy of the first time and his eyes shining to the thought of hugging his granddaughter soon, he asks me to add the name of the baby girl on the pendant.

With the same technique, I create the new letters and weld them with the others. Seeing the name of the baby on the pendant makes everything more real: Sole already has her place in the family and in the heart of her grandfather, who leaves my workshop with a deep, heartfelt thanks.

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