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Home Furnishing

Furnishing Objects which Enrich Your Personal Space

A world of objects to make your home precious and unique. A space which truly represents who you are.
Furnishing items that enhance your personal space

Your home has a story to tell.

Every house is the portrait of those who inhabit it. The choice of the objects which fill our spaces speaks about us. To make it precious helps us to live a better life.

Details and precious materials give life to furnishing jewels which come into harmony with your space, adding a discreet elegance to it.

The furnishing objects I create following the same philosophy of my jewelry are multi-material micro sculptures. Bronze and iron, worked with the lost wax casting technique, are intertwined with resins, natural and precious stones and other materials. The result is a contemporary mixture of delicacy and solidity, sometimes quite ironic, yet always very precious.

Voiceless objects find a new language to tell your story

The objects you own and to which you are connected by personal memories and feelings hide a value that asks to be brought to light. My work consists in personalizing them by adding artistic micro-sculptures which transform, enrich and modernize them, always in harmony with the environment to which they belong. What is ancient finds a new light. What is naked is adorned with elegance, personality and beauty.

Furnishing jewels


The bronze candelabra collection was born and follows the inspiration shapes of Materie, Optical, Animali, Madagascar jewels. Strongly textured, irregular objects enhance the characteristics of the metal. Sculptures that give a touch of originality to the environments that host them.

Table sculptures

The collection includes furnishing objects of various kinds, from bronze sculpture trivets to resin and bronze centerpieces. Furnishing elements different from each other but with a strong personality and capable of integrating into any context.


My lamps are created for those who want to look beyond and experiment with light, space and materials.
The iron, the resins and the bronze give life to surprising shapes that frame warm or cold and psychedelic lights, for a very refined pop effect. Some works contain rough stones in their natural form which, set in the sculpture, reveal an almost alien charm.

Furniture with microsculptures

Coffee tables, handles, poufs, bedside tables, bookcases, cabinets, mirrors and much more, the collection of iron or bronze furniture that contain decorations made with microsculpture such as jewels, some with stones, elements in continuous evolution and with infinite customizations. In addition to the pieces from my collections, I customize furnishing accessories to which you are linked with precious details. This intervention manages to transform even the simplest objects into works of art that communicate with the environment that portrays your personality.

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