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Furnishing sculpture

Furnishing sculpture

An artistic TV cabinet, which represents the soul of the homeowner and blends into the living context.


The Inspiration

Raffaella: an art lover, a collector and a friend.


It all starts when Raffaella comes for the first time in my showroom to buy a piece of jewelry. We talk and realize we are kindred spirits. She tells me about her passion for art and design and she describes to me her home in Rome, where she lives with her husband and where they collect paintings, sculptures and valuable furniture.

After this first encounter, we become good friends. This is why I’m so happy and grateful when Raffaella asks me to create an artistic piece to be set up in her TV room. A furnishing sculpture which represents her personality and her love for beautiful and precious things.

Raffaella gives me total creative freedom: for an artist like me, this is a dream come true. I have never been so free to let my creativity develop and express itself as in this project.


The Making


The furnishing sculpture creates an enchanted wood in the center of the room.


I design the project starting from a creative idea: an enchanted wood, where the family can spend peaceful and relaxing moments together. Due to the complexity of the sculpture, I collaborate with an electric engineer to develop the technical parts of the TV cabinet.

Once the details are defined, I start creating the sculpture. A myriad of iron wires welded one by one cover the structure of the tree. The refined weaves create the texture of the bark, while the roots lean on a base which contains all the electric items and the TV cables.

The same base also works as a seat, as if it were a bench in a wood. Thanks to an electric control, when necessary the tree rises towards the ceiling and disappears in a minute, giving space to the TV when the family watches it.


The Emotion

The magic of art transforms Raffaella’s home. And make her happy.


Such creative freedom implies a huge responsibility. The aim of the project was creating a unique sculpture, that could mirror the brave spirit of the homeowner and blend into the living context. To me, the greatest satisfaction was seeing Raffaella so pleased with the result: her home could finally express her passion and unconditional love for art.

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