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Element necklace

Element necklace

A jewel with microsculptures preserving the story of a special friendship


The Inspiration

Four friends looking for a special gift.

The silence of the workshop is interrupted by the laughs and happy voices of four women. Four friends who have decided to give a precious present to the fifth woman of the group. She’s special, they say, we want to give her a jewel which would include all the important moments and memories of her life.

They have the energy of four little girls when they explain to me all the details they want the necklace to have. It should include specific elements and symbols representing her soul. I listen to them, taking notes of everything, and I can’t wait to start working on the project.

The Making

Every microsculpture of the necklace symbolizes a part of her soul.

I start from the sketch of the jewel. I draw a long Element necklace and define all the details that will be included in the final piece. With wax in my hand, I mold the links of the chain, the symbols that will become pendants, microsculptures and engravings. Little by little, the necklace becomes a diary which tells the story and personality of the woman.

On the links of the chain I engrave the words of the song she loves the most (“Lunaspina”, by Paola Turci), the mantra of her life. Then, I shape the Venus symbol, to represent her feminist commitment. I include a stylized Italian horn topped by the head of Pulcinella, to celebrate her Neapolitan origins, and to finish I add two initials which are dear to her.

The bronze necklace is bright, rich, modern and mysterious. Mysterious like the story it tells.

The Emotion

The embrace of the dearest friends turns into a necklace to wear every day.

The moment of revelation is charged with emotion. Here they are, entwined in an embrace which turns into the necklace they have wanted for her. The woman is touched, since she recognizes all the symbols and memories the jewel carries within itself. Looking at this scene, I’m very happy – the pleasure and honor I have felt in creating this piece are immense.

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