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Dragon collier

Dragon collier

A sensual and feminine collier, which glides over her skin reminding her of her lover


The Inspiration

The dragon tattooed on her back.

One day a journalist comes into my showroom. He’s funny, clever and madly in love with his partner. Always attentive to her needs, he wants to impress her with a special gift to celebrate an important date. He knows very well what could leave her speechless: a collier inspired by the dragon tattooed on her back. I think how amazing it will be creating such sensual and powerful shapes. I accept the job and get started.


The Making

“With the use of the lost waxing technique, her tattoo becomes a bronze collier.”


The client sends me a picture of the tattoo: it’s a very detailed drawing, which follows the natural shape of the woman’s back. Using this image as my main source of inspiration, I draw the preliminary sketch.

The lost waxing technique allows me to faithfully reproduce the details of the tattoo, the dragon scales and its curvy shape. Once I’ve finished the wax microsculpture, I proceed with the melting metal: a bright bronze which enhances the play of light and brings the collier to life. The jewel is ready, just waiting to be worn.


The Emotion

Wearing love.

A collier reproducing such an intimate side of the loved woman is a jewel that expresses the passion of the couple. The pleasure to wear love is the most special gift one can receive from the one we love.

The journalist and his lover come together in the shop to collect the small packet, but she can’t wait: she wants to open it right away. The dragon collier shows itself in all its splendor, and her amazement suddenly turns into full joy. They leave the shop in each other’s arms: she already wears her collier, from which she will no longer want to part. The collier immediately becomes a part of her, just like her tattoo.

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