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A jewel with microsculptures preserving the story of a special friendship   The InspirationThe silence of the workshop is interrupted by the laughs and happy voices of four women. Four friends who have decided to give a precious present to the fifth

A sensual and feminine collier, which glides over her skin reminding her of her lover   The InspirationOne day a journalist comes into my showroom. He’s funny, clever and madly in love with his partner. Always attentive to her needs, he wants

A burnished gold and enameled microsculpture to celebrate the beginning of a young man’s career   The InspirationIt’s near evening when a mother and son come into the workshop. The young man has just fulfilled his dream: founding an association for the

A couple, a journey to Tangier and the atmosphere of the desert turn into a sculpture which cherishes precious memories The InspirationLaura is a journalist and photographer who radiates beauty. One day, she comes into my workshop with a special request:

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