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Camel sculpture

Camel sculpture

A couple, a journey to Tangier and the atmosphere of the desert turn into a sculpture which cherishes precious memories

The Inspiration

Morocco as we lived it: art, nature and the magic of a journey.


Laura is a journalist and photographer who radiates beauty. One day, she comes into my workshop with a special request: she wants to give her husband a Christmas present that could represent their shared passion.

Her story fascinates me. She tells me about a journey in Tangier and the discovery of a world which has charmed them with its culture, sensual nature and refined artistic expressions. In Laura’s tale I can hear her true love for Africa and her strong desire to cherish those memories through an object representing them.

I think about a sculpture with the shape of a camel, the funny and meek animal which instantly refers to the desert. It’s the perfect symbol to tell the story of the journey and passion of the couple.

The Making

Burnished golden bronze and Paesina, to reproduce the smoothness and colors of the desert.


The lost wax casting technique is ideal to create sculptures such as the one I’ve designed for Laura. I mold the shape of the animal and enrich it with inlays that follow the natural lines of the dunes. For this project I use golden bronze, whose color is similar to the warm nuances of the sand.

To make the sculpture even more special, I insert a rare natural stone: the Paesina. Its light color, veined by darker lines, reproduces the desert landscape, which comes to life in the sculpture itself. The final result is unique, elegant and precious.

The Emotion

Like breathing the mysterious soul of the African desert.


The camel sculpture is ready, and Laura comes back to collect it. As usual, whenever I show new interpretations of my work to the clients, I’m curious to see their reactions. Laura is speechless, and this is certainly my greatest satisfaction. She says that observing the sculpture and discovering its details brings her back to the desert and the beautiful memories she shares with her husband. The piece is a unique artistic version of a place so familiar and dear to them.

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