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The joy of a grandfather, who wants to celebrate the birth of his first nephew with a pendant representing the new family   The Inspiration The joy of the man who enters the showroom is overwhelming and illuminates his eyes – he looks like a little boy. The man will be a grandfather soon, and he is on a special mission: finding a jewel for his daughter to celebrate the birth of her first son Leone.

A brave woman, a cause to fight for: the tuberose jewels collection is born to support tuberous sclerosis research. The Inspiration   Silvia is a very special client. More than a client, she’s a friend. We’ve known each other for years, because our children used to attend the same school. Together, we rejoiced in good times and sustained each other during the hardest challenges. One of all, the illness. Silvia’s life is marked by the presence

A couple, a journey to Tangier and the atmosphere of the desert turn into a sculpture which cherishes precious memories The Inspiration   Laura is a journalist and photographer who radiates beauty. One day, she comes into my workshop with a special request: she wants to give her husband a Christmas present that could represent their shared passion. Her story fascinates me. She tells me about a journey in Tangier and the discovery of a world which

A burnished gold and enameled microsculpture to celebrate the beginning of a young man’s career   The Inspiration It’s near evening when a mother and son come into the workshop. The young man has just fulfilled his dream: founding an association for the defense and scientific research of rare insects. I’m instantly intrigued by his story, since I’ve never heard about the Elaterids. These insects are similar to scarab beetles, with a black body and a

A sensual and feminine collier, which glides over her skin reminding her of her lover   The Inspiration One day a journalist comes into my showroom. He’s funny, clever and madly in love with his partner. Always attentive to her needs, he wants to impress her with a special gift to celebrate an important date. He knows very well what could leave her speechless: a collier inspired by the dragon tattooed on her back. I think

A furnishing sculpture which expresses the artistic flair of the homeowner and gives new life to precious family heirlooms The Inspiration Raffaella is a regular customer, with whom I share a deep love for contemporary art and design. Through the years, I’ve created for her artistic jewelry and one of my first furnishing sculptures: a TV cabinet inspired by nature and trees. When Raffaella asks me to create a bookcase for the hall of her

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