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Patrizia Corvaglia

My name is Patrizia Corvaglia, I was born in Zurich, I have been living and working in Rome for more than 20 years. I am a designer, sculptress and arts teacher, my main focus has always been the quest for shape, which I embody in my jewelry lines, where I entwine precious metals and natural stones, exalting their nature in an always balanced dialogue. I was born as a sculptress, I have realized works with the lost-wax technique since the 1990s, being exhibited in several Italian and international galleries. Art has been my lifelong companion, my works are the legacy of my family history, which I revitalized developing my own shapes and contents. My artistic journey later led me to meet goldsmithing and jewelry design, resulting in the creation of what I call sculpture jewels.


My artworks are unique creations, designed and created one by one on thoughts, materials, individuals in constant mutation. The result I want to achieve is the creation of a piece that respects the original desire and, at the same time, differs from any other, a hand-made jewel, in fact, shows itself through the details executed with care and tells the world exactly who you are and who you want to be. In 2002 I created Patrizia Corvaglia Gioielli brand with the aim of creating objects, almost companions in life and everyday life, material expressions of ways of being and communicating.

The jewel understood as “precious” thus gives way to the interpretation of the jewel as an object of communication that sends clear and highly personal signals to the wearer's thoughts.


2005 Rome, XIII jewelry exhibition Desideri Preziosi «Dance steps in gold» Hadrian’s Temple.

2005-2006-2007-2008-2009 Rome, GARD Gallery; ECO-RI-USO «art of recycling» and «wearable art».

2006 Rome, XIV jewelry exhibition Desideri Preziosi «Gilded vibes in the sky» Hadrian’s Temple.

2007 Rome XV jewelry exhibition Desideri Preziosi «Ara Pacis, Augustus’s jewel» Hadrian’s Temple.Rome, Personal «FORME» Interno 7 Exhibition Space; Beijing «Italian Culture Week in China» patronaged by the Province of Rome.

2007-2008 Paris Museum Expression «The museum jewel» patronaged by the Province of Rome.

2008 Venice International Cinema Exhibition «Art and Cinema»; Rome, Ashanti Gallery, permanent exhibition.

2008-2009 Rome «Hidden Treasures» Castel Sant’Angelo.

2009 Siena, permanent exhibition of the equestrian themed collection; Abruzzi, GARD Gallery «Art and Rebuilding», jewels made with artistic ceramics destroyed by the April 2009 earthquake in Abruzzi.

2010-2011 Italian Embassy in Paris, exhibition of Italian Excellences.

2012 Rome Vogue Fashion Night Out, Galleria via Margutta.

2013 Room Service during AltaRoma AltaModa January and July 2013; XXI jewelry exhibition Desideri Preziosi «Giuseppe Verdi: jewels in Opera» Auditorium Parco della Musica; 18.12 Margutta Award- National Resurgence Museum, project and creation of the sculpture.

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