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The Patrizia Corvaglia site was born from the passion for art , sculpture and the desire to bring the works created by the artist Patrizia Corvaglia into contact with more people in the world.

The creations start from the need to give shape to things using all materials , up to the experimentation of including innovative objects and substances with surprising properties and unusual effects.

The need to give shape to visions is a fire that burns inside the artist Patrizia Corvaglia since her childhood, when she was totally captured by the magnificence of nature , with its creatures, its elements and thus the need to create her interpretation of the same.

The manipulation of materials , the use of natural stones , the need to give life to objects that can be in harmony with the person and the environment is the common thread of the artist Patrizia Corvaglia .

The approach with natural stones is very interesting and fundamental . The study of the components of natural minerals , of the various types of crystals , the various origins as well as the energies and vibrations they contain, turned out to be, in addition to a fascinating discovery, a focal point on which the artist Patrizia Corvaglia concentrated her jewelry work.

The stones used in jewelry , are preferably natural rough stones , marine waters topaz, rubellites , emeralds , rubies , opals and many others, structures that are able to interact with people and the environment, releasing a valuable and important contribution to our balance and well-being .

Furthermore, the concept of jewelery has always been conceived as something that becomes a life partner, something that contains within it a precious, rare, sought-after core.

It gives shape to jewels that contain small “ precious treasures ” coming from the personal path of the person who entrusts them, because he wants to make them a special jewel.

Everything has a precious soul to always carry with us, something capable of infusing with a memory of strength, love, trust.

Giving aesthetic and material shape is the mission of the artist Patrizia Corvaglia .

The work takes place in the historic center of Rome , inside a historic laboratory made extraordinary by the fact that in the distant 1500 the sculptor, goldsmith, writer, silversmith artist Benvenuto Cellini , considered one of the most important artists of Mannerism , transferred the his atelier, spending a good part of his days inside. Breathing this atmosphere inside the laboratory helps me feel even more strongly all the magnificence of the eternal city , Rome , in all its extraordinary beauty.

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From your memories to my hands, from my hands to your jewels..

A wearable sculpture can be born around a rough stone purchased during an unforgettable journey, from a gift received or from a jewel handed down. In this way, the work has indelible memories and life stories that go beyond the limits of time. The challenge that I accept in every project is to shape the material to enhance and make precious even stones with only symbolic value.

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